Vollkswagen Golf

5 door Hatchback
Manual or automatic
1.4 TSI
125 and 150 HP
6.1 - 6.8 l/100km
Power steering
Remote central locking
Power windows
USB/MP3/CD/AUX player
Front airbags

Volkswagen Golf is a reliable compact car manufactured by a well-known German company. This model is considered by law to be the most successful. It combines reliability, security and dynamism. If you are interested in renting a Volkswagen Golf, call our office! We will answer the questions and provide for a temporary use of a modern car. You will enjoy the prices of our services and how responsible we are to our work.

Volkswagen Golf is a car for lovers of comfort

Volkswagen Golf is a car that can accommodate the whole family. This compact car subjugates with its luxury and impeccable quality of all the details. Its main features include a spacious salon, in which a cozy atmosphere and a high level of safety prevail. On such a car, you can go on a trip to another city and country house. During the trip, both the driver and the passengers feel great!

Volkswagen Golf rental is a service that is relevant in many cases. There are business partners at the airport, wives from the hospital, and expensive guests at the railway station. Customers who have preferred a similar car brand are all happy! They use the car for a certain time (day, several days, a week). In this case, customers do not think about the technical condition of the vehicle. This is our concern.

What are the benefits of renting Volkswagen Golf?

If you value such features as reliability and practicality, prefer a German compact car. This is a great option for demanding customers. Volkswagen Golf Rental is an actual service, which means significant benefits:

  • - Exquisite design - the manufacturer has paid attention to the appearance of the car: a new grille, LED lights, unusual design of the exhaust system branch pipes. Volkswagen Golf combines dynamism, originality and sportiness;
  • - Comfort - everything is thought out for the convenience of the driver. This is a modern dashboard displaying various useful information. The driver easily chooses what interests him at a particular moment;
  • - Original interior design - quality materials and unique combinations are used. In the luxurious Volkswagen Golf salon, drivers and passengers feel like at home;
  • - Security - everything is done at the highest level. To ensure safety during travel, the car is equipped with belts and airbags. For the driver to feel confident on the road, an adaptive cruise control is provided. This system provides emergency braking and reduces the risk of an emergency situations;
  • - Featuring touchscreen navigation system, music listening or FM radio, Bluetooth and USB to connect devices. The driver of the car uses another useful system. He gets current traffic data and availability of parking spaces.

Volkswagen Golf Rental from «Sun Service Van and Car Rentals»

This is a popular service that you can use at any time! Contact «Sun Service» and select a German compact car in our fleet. Volkswagen Golf rental is the best option for organizing festive events, for meeting business partners at the airport, for long-distance travel. In the car you will feel comfortable on the roads of the city and beyond. You will love how the interior of the car is designed and how secure it is. After the trip you will have a pleasant experience!